The Cost of an Inaccessible Early Childhood Education is "America's Darkest Future"

Directed And Produced By Ty Cooper

Lifeview Marketing has teamed up with the non-partisan and non-profit grass root organization, Virginia Organizing, to place a spotlight onto an issue plaguing our society, the inaccessibility of a quality early education. The documentary, America's Darkest Future's mission is simple, to discover the simple answer to the simple question - "why isn't pre-K accessible to all American children and how do we turn it around?" The answers have included the following: Low Priority, Cost,  Transportation and Overreach by Government. Neither is an acceptable answer when children are entering kindergarten to be held back because of the lack of school readiness. These students begin to experience self-esteem issues and often never overcome the existing achievement gap.


The issue of inaccessibility is not the only factor of disparity when it comes to the existing achievement gap, the filmmakers also define and illustrate what determines quality within a pre-K program. Quality programs are even more inaccessible to many.


Community members have rallied to support this national project. From donations, film appearances, and/ serving on the advisory committee, these supporters realize the importance of this issue and are determined to change the outcome of an underserved community. Film appearances include but not limited to: Robert Pianta, Early Education Scholar & Dean of the Curry School, University of Virginia - Juandiego Wade, Charlottesville City School Board Member - Shelia Pleasants, Executive Director of the Southside Child Development Center - Steven Dow, Executive Director of CapTulsa (Oklahoma) - Psychologists - Parents - Teachers and other contributors.


To join in the effort, there are two ways you can donate. Remember that your financial contribution is 100% tax deductible. Please make your check out to Virginia Organizing with “Early Education Documentary” on the memo line and mail it to Lifeview Marketing, 401 E. Market St., Suite#14, Charlottesville, VA 22902.


If you would like to donate online then please follow this short instruction: Click on the following link: (this will take you to the Virginia Organizing Donate Page). When you see “I want my donation to be designated toward:” Please select EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION VIDEO.


Advisory Committee

Gail Esterman


Juandiego Wade


Melody Robbins


Tara Boyd


Sara Mertens


Angela Ciofi


Ty Cooper

Social Media


Expected year of completion 2017

United Nations of Comedy - The Tour Series

United Nations of Comedy Series Featuring Mike Recine as Seen on Conan

Jefferson School Heritage Center

233 4th St., NW - Charlottesville, VA

Sat., March 18 @ 9p - $20

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United Nations of Comedy Series - New York's Own, Brendan Eyre (Winner of the Montreal Comedy Fest 2015)

Jefferson School Heritage Center

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Sat, April 15th @ 8p - $20

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United Nations of Comedy Series - Antoine Scott as Seen on Showtime at the Apolla, TVOne, & Others

Jefferson School Heritage Center

233 4th St., NW - Charlottesville, VA

Sat, April 15th @ 8p - $20

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Comics Who Have Been Featured On The United Nations of Comedy Tour/Series

Funnyman Skiba - Sheng Wang - Bridget McManus - Jordan Rock - Yannis Papas - Cocoa Brown - Emma Willmann - Gina Brillon - David Foster - Brendan Eyre - Sean Donnelly - Erin Foley - Jon Laster - Jason Andors - Jay Phillips - Kate Wolff - Aaron Berg - Vidur Kapur - Alycia Cooper - Adrienne Iapalucci - Ester Ku and MANY OTHERS

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For three years, the workshop was held at Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, VA

2017 Date(s) will be released this summer

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